5 low-growing autoflowers from Heavyweight Seeds

Despite Heavyweight Seeds’ short tenure, the company has some pretty good autoflowering varieties in its arsenal and medical marijuana evaluation. The crops presented for growers have achieved rapid recognition and success. And it’s worth noting that for good reason. The reason for this: Incredible THC levels; Performance; Peculiar bouquet and flavor; Full-bodied effects; Compact size. […]

Cannabis (marijuana) lighting

Light is vital to hemp to keep it alive. Through the process of photosynthesis, it converts light energy into chemical energy. The main role in this transformation is played by the photosynthetic pigment, chlorophyll. It plays the role of a kind of “antenna” that absorbs the energy emitted by the sun. Further, it is stored […]

Cones, hemp inflorescences

Cannabis, botanically speaking, is an annual, dioecious flowering plant. In this regard, hemp differs little from its closely related nettles and hops. Dioecious means that the plants are separated by sex into males and females. Growers are not interested in male bushes in terms of effect. The cannabinoid content in them is low, so they […]

Harvesting hemp

Harvesting marijuana, or, more simply, harvesting cannabis, is one of the most demanding, but at the same time pleasant and long-awaited moments for the grower. And if a person, due to his inexperience, can assume that this procedure is quite quick and easy, it is worth emphasizing that this is far from the case. However, […]

Cannabis growth stages

It is important for every grower to get a good harvest. Of course, in order to achieve high performance, you need to understand your own business. One of the important requirements is to be well-versed in the growth stages of cannabis. Without knowing these stages and their distinctive features for each type of cannabis, you […]

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