5 low-growing autoflowers from Heavyweight Seeds

Despite Heavyweight Seeds’ short tenure, the company has some pretty good autoflowering varieties in its arsenal and medical marijuana evaluation. The crops presented for growers have achieved rapid recognition and success. And it’s worth noting that for good reason. The reason for this:

Incredible THC levels;
Peculiar bouquet and flavor;
Full-bodied effects;

cannabis bud / marihuana plants

Compact size.
Autoflowering low cannabis varieties are a great choice for those who value and seek maximum results in all stages of the production process. The aroma and taste of marijuana mesmerizes and intoxicates from the first seconds of sound. At the same time, the saturated impact allows you to relax as much as possible, leaving the daily routine and hustle and bustle over your shoulders.

A citrusy wave with hints of sugar and spices

The Skunky Monkey Auto variety is the result of a genetic combination of three crops with superior characteristics. They are:

Northern Lights;
With a height of 0.8-1 m, it produces 500-700 g/m2. It is harvested 60-70 days after sunrise. The citrus aroma is overpowering with spice motifs and has hints of sugar. The advantage for growers will also be a simple growing process due to the absence of the need to change light cycles. An outstanding result is guaranteed.

Sparkling white crystals

The result of the genetic alliance between AK, WhiteWidow and Ruderalis is the powerful auto-flowering variety Short and Sweet Auto. This hybrid will surprise even the most experienced grower and connoisseur of quality marijuana.

The intense spicy aroma is also evident during the flowering period of the crop. Yields of 500-700 g/m2 at 0.7-1 m makes this strain very attractive for growers. White crystals densely cover the central bark, branches and internodes. This strain is a heavyweight, so it is very potent. With 60% sativa and 40% indica, the effect first manifests itself as a high, then changes into a gentle stone.

Million Dollar Baby

Jackpot Auto has its name for a reason. This hybrid is one of the favorites among growers due to its yields of 600-800 g/m2, a high THC level of 19%, fast ripening in 9-10 weeks from sunrise and a short height of 0.8-1m.

Amazing resistance to environmental factors is suitable for both indor and outdor. The plant will provide good yields even when temperatures are above 10 C.

The effect is first invigorating and tonic, affecting the mind. Then it manifests itself on the body, being replaced by several hours of turbulent thinking. It is a relaxing and long-lasting relaxation.

The leader among the heavyweights

Marijuana buds in glass jars on wooden background

The Wipeout Express auto variety is the calling card of the cidbank. Compared to other heavyweights, the hybrid is characterized by an abundance of resin and a large number of crystals. The genetic parents of the plant were:

Afghani Auto;
Northern Lights Auto;
White Widow Auto.
THC levels reach 20%, yielding 450-500 grams/m2 in the indora, 100-150 grams per bush in the outdoors. The plants are only 0.8-1m high, and ripen 8 weeks after sunrise. The strength, power and richness of the impact literally knocks you off your feet, providing a “rock” or “couch” effect in the body.

Beautiful woman with lush forms

Massive Midget Auto is bushy and compact with a height of just 0.6 to 0.8 m. Massive Midget Auto is dense with resinous buds which yield 450g/m2 in Indoors and 90-180g per crop in the Outdoors.

The strength of this strain hides a tropical aroma and flavor, with citrus and fruity herbal notes. When developing the variety, the breeders set their sights on quality. The effects stimulate creativity and brain activity while providing medical pain relief.

5 low-growing autoflowers from Heavyweight Seeds
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