Harvesting hemp

Harvesting marijuana, or, more simply, harvesting cannabis, is one of the most demanding, but at the same time pleasant and long-awaited moments for the grower. And if a person, due to his inexperience, can assume that this procedure is quite quick and easy, it is worth emphasizing that this is far from the case. However, with some theory, you can get good results in practice even as a beginner. So what is cannabis harvest?

Harvest is usually understood to mean a whole range of procedures related to harvesting cones. It includes:

Determination of the various stages of maturation of hemp and the choice of the most favorable moment for collection (preliminary forecast);

Exit to the final stage of ripening and smooth bringing the plant to the end of the life cycle (correct final dressing, watering with clean water, drying the substrate, a period of complete darkness, lowering the temperature);

Direct cut of a plant or branches from its main trunk (gradual removal is possible as it ripens);

Further pruning of inflorescences and leaves (manicure);

High-quality slow drying in optimal conditions (no light, temperature 18-25 degrees, air circulation and humidity at the level of 50-60%);

Drying smoothly flows into aging, or “curing”, consisting of several stages, after which the product reaches its best qualities and becomes completely ready for use and long-term storage.

A properly done harvest is a guarantee of a quality product with a large amount of psychoactive substances, pleasant taste and excellent medical qualities. Before you start harvesting, you need to prepare and take care in advance of all the small details, the availability of working tools and the creation of an optimal drying and curing environment. The main condition for obtaining exquisite fragrant buds is that everything should flow smoothly.

Harvest preparation
Very often, beginner growers make mistakes before harvesting, for example, overfeeding cannabis with fertilizers until the very last days and forgetting about flushing. In the last few weeks of life, when large fan leaves begin to turn yellow, and the pistils (stigmas) acquire a reddish tint and dry out, plants need intensive phosphorus-potassium nutrition without nitrogen. Its overabundance at the final stage of ripening negatively affects the taste of the buds – the bitter taste of greens remains.

For the last week (2-3 days for hydroponics) of life, it is recommended to give plants only water when watering. This is done in order to assimilate all the nutrients in the soil, as well as stored in the tissues of the stems and leaves. In this case, the taste of the buds will be soft and pleasant, of course, if other conditions are met.

Tip: Many growers leave their plants without light or watering at low temperatures (15-18 degrees) and humidity (30-40%) for a day or two. Shock conditions stimulate resin production, which also improves aroma and flavor.

Determining Harvest Timing
Calculating the right moment for harvesting is extremely important, because the strength and nature of the effect of marijuana will depend on this. In order to determine the readiness of marijuana for harvest, you can use the following tips:

See the recommendations of the seedbank, reports of mlm growers on the back of the package. On average, the flowering period of cannabis in the passport is indicated with an accuracy of a week, but this is in ideal conditions.

It is important to take a closer look at the plants closer to the desired period. In some cases, the bushes may bloom even earlier than the stated period, but more often they ripen a few weeks later.

Darkening of the pistils (stigmas) indicates maturation. When about half of the pistils have darkened, you can start harvesting. Ideal maturity is most often achieved with 70-80% mature stigmas, but you can hold the plants until most of them are dry. This will give the buds a more relaxing effect. However, in many cases, this landmark still does not reflect the full picture, then it is worth taking a closer look at the inflorescences.

One of the most important signs of the readiness of the crop for harvest is the discoloration of hemp trichomes. Color detection is one of the most reliable and accurate methods, but will require a magnifier with at least 40x magnification. If the trichomes are transparent, then it is too early to harvest. A slight turbidity suggests that THC levels are already high enough to be harvested, but CBD and CBN are still low. If at this time to harvest, the effect will be mostly sativa. Even if the plant itself has predominant indica genes. Full ripening is indicated by the appearance of trichomes of a rich amber color. When there are still not many of them, the psychoactive effect is most intense, while relaxation and analgesic properties are not fully manifested. This moment of collection is the most optimal for most recreational users. If most of the trichomes are darkened, the bumps will have strong medicinal effects: relaxing, pain relieving, and soothing. So connoisseurs of these qualities of cannabis prefer the late harvest time with more amber trichomes.

Specialist Tip: Many growers agree that early morning is the best time to harvest. The fact is that it is at this time that the THC content in the buds is maximum. Therefore, it is worth sacrificing a couple of hours of sleep to get a really high-quality harvest.


So, when the harvest time has already been clearly defined, the grower approaches one of the most important stages of work – manicure. This work is quite lengthy and thorough. It may well be that it will even take several full days to work. Especially if the yield is good. For manicure, you will have to acquire a suitable workplace. You need a table, a chair, sharp little scissors for pruning.

In addition, for manicure you will need:

A razor blade to remove resin from tools;

Paper towels or newspaper to protect the workplace from dirt;

Rubbing alcohol or oil to remove accumulated gum from your hands;

Rubber gloves (disposable).

When manicure, the most important thing is to remove everything unnecessary, leaving only cones and leaves with trichomes, which are used in the future to make hashish. Each leaf should be trimmed as close to the bud as possible. Next, you need to carefully separate the cones from the stem. For this purpose, it is best to use pruning shears so that there are no difficulties with pruning.

A little about the correct drying of marijuana
Even if the crop was harvested at the right time, but the drying was done incorrectly, you can easily ruin the entire crop. So drying cannabis is not just a separate step in working with cannabis, but also an integral part of the harvest.

The quality of drying largely determines the effect that marijuana will have. The right approach preserves all the most important properties of the crop, and can prevent THC breakdown, which can be a very big loss for the grower.

In drying, it is recommended to adhere to some conditions:

Indoor humidity should be as stable as possible – about 55-60%;

The temperature is slightly below room temperature. Ideally between 18 and 20 degrees;

The light should not be perfect. From the time of harvest until the buds are sent for storage, it is recommended to minimize the exposure of the buds to light. Harvesting light is the fundamental destroyer of THC.

Long before harvesting, you should think about which place to use for drying. One of the best such places is the same closet or grow box for indoor growing marijuana. It will be easier to create optimal conditions in it: temperature, humidity, sufficient ventilation and complete darkness. You will also need some items and tools for drying:

Ropes or wire for hanging, you can also use a special net;

Hygrometer and thermometer for monitoring the temperature;

Sealed containers for further curing and storage (containers, cans or vacuum packaging).

Perhaps one of the fundamental requirements in harvesting and drying a cannabis crop is not to rush. You need to work slowly and in stages. To dry the harvested crop, initially the plants are dried entirely, after which (after up to a month of time) “manicure” is carried out, as a result of which only cones and leaves remain on the stems. A few more days in this form, and the harvest is ready. But another drying method is also used, a little faster. In this case, the inflorescences are cut off from all unnecessary foliage directly on the branches in their raw form and only then they are hung to dry.

The drying time depends on the method used (drying the whole plant, large branches or individual buds), and should be selected based on the existing environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity. At low temperatures and high humidity, it is recommended to divide the plant into small parts and send it to dry after preliminary cutting of the leaves. At a higher temperature and low humidity, it is better to dry the plant whole or with large branches, and to do manicure after drying. It is worth noting that it is more difficult and longer to cut off dry buds from the leaves than fresh ones.

The first stage usually takes from 3-5 days to several weeks, after which (or before) manicure is done and the bumps are properly aged for another 2 weeks to several months. In any case, only with slow drying can you maximize the healing and aromatic qualities of marijuana buds. Thanks to the long-term cure, the largest amount of resins and terpenes is released in the buds. All these processes require attention and patience, but the result is worth it.

Tip: If you still need to speed up the drying a little in order to get the finished result faster, you can remove the skin from the plants every day. This will not affect the quality of the final product, but it will speed up the drying process by several days.

Healing cannabis cones

During the drying process, not all moisture comes out of the buds, if it happens correctly. The buds themselves should retain some firmness, but not be too soggy, the twigs may crackle slightly but should not break. After the initial drying, the cones separated from the stems are placed without compaction in jars or containers and placed in a cool, dark place for several weeks. Once every 1-2 days, they need to be slightly agitated and ventilated. So the residual moisture is evenly distributed over the inflorescences, which will allow the buds to be stored for a long time. Healing also helps to slowly and fully form the required active compounds and break down unnecessary substances such as chlorophyll. The very last stage of curing is aging in the refrigerator or freezer, however, cones can be stored there for many months and even years.

Harvesting cannabis is, despite certain difficulties, a very joyful moment for the grower, because this is exactly what he went to all this time, caring for plants, starting with a small grain, ending with strong bushes. Harvesting will especially delight when it is really big. We want you to get only pleasant emotions, so we have made a selection of the most productive varieties.

Humboldt Seeds’ Amherst Sour Diesel fem is one of the highest yielding sativas on the market, capable of producing 2 to 3 kg of buds per bush. The plant also has a fast flowering period of 65-70 days and a high THC level of 27%. The buds give off a rich diesel aroma with ripe fruit notes and a powerful uplifting effect. A clear high awakens creativity and action.

Delicious Seeds’ Golosa fem cannabis is a highly unpretentious indica hybrid capable of producing over 1.5kg of buds per bush for the grower. It develops into a lush and branched plant that fades in 55-60 days. The finished product has a pleasant aroma of mango, licorice and grapefruit, and also contains 26% THC. This provides a powerful knockout effect represented by the classic sofa stone effect.

FastBuds Girl Scout Cookies fem is one of the most productive and unpretentious autoflowers on the market, with exquisite flavor and aroma. With the growth of bushes 60-100 cm, this plant is able to bring the gardener from 70 to 300 g of cones, in the aroma and taste of which notes of caramel, cookies and sweets are combined. They also contain 20% THC for a killer, multi-faceted high / stone effect.

Harvesting hemp
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